Discussion Questions

Something that always makes me think when on a website is when navigational menus are excessive. For example, this website has waaaay too many links. They have 3 different “menu” bars, and 3+ different pricing links. “ONLINE ORDERING” is in bold, does that mean that it’s more important than regular ordering?

One could create a hierarchy through simple text variation and visual placement on the page [nesting,etc.]. This website may have a too little information organized. Though it does have some size variation, it’s not very noticeable. Also, it’s so minimal.. it actually seems a bit… boring.

One of the major conventions I know I would want to use in my future web work is keeping a minimal page. Too many websites over clutter the page making it confusing to look at and a bit of an eyesore. By “dulling down the noise” it offers the viewer a break from all the clutter that bombards us in our everyday lives. An example of a good, clean website is Grid. The white space offers a smooth atmosphere while still keeping the viewer enough of a lure with small typographic changes.

Another convention would be the links grouped in an orderly way, not necessarily highlighted, just organized. A great example of this would be this youthinasia‘s tumblr theme. The links are clearly defined in the white space, while the information/pictures are ordered elsewhere. Also, the links stay in place, which make it even easier n___n


Discussion Part II

In Krug’s discussion, he talks about simplifying text. One website I’ve had a problem with is Anastasia’s homepage. It seems really chaotic, and the About Us portion seems a bit wordy.

At Anastasia’s, all of our items are prepared by our fast and friendly staff, using the finest and freshest ingredients available. We invite our customers to dine-in or carry-out. If you are unable to visit us, please take advantage of our safe, fast, and hot delivery service. Normal delivery times are 30-45 minutes; however, during peak hours, due to weather conditions and traffic, this may take longer. We appreciate our customers, therefore, we put customer satisfaction first! We are always looking to improve our service and products, so please let us know how we are doing.

You may contact us at 847-395-3939 (Antioch) or 847-688-1317 (Waukegan). We welcome any comments or suggestions, and we thank you for your patronage and friendship!

It really doesn’t need all of that text. It could just read:
Anastasia’s provides the fresh, finest ingredients available. We offer dine-in and carry-out. Weather permitting–normal delivery times are 30-45minutes. Customer satisfaction is a priority, so we encourage feedback.

You may contact us at 847.395.3939 (Antioch) or 847.688.1317 (Waukegan). Thank you for your patronage and friendship.


I really enjoyed the navigation in Kate Miss’s Website. The navigation follows you (except for the homepage) just like Krug says it should. It’s simple, but really beautiful. Both the “Jewlery” and “Blog” tabs open in different windows, which makes it easier to navigate through ( I don’t have to constantly press the back button).


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